Subject: Re: Missing files or bad install by me?
To: Daniel Widenfalk <>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/22/1994 12:23:39
> First: The installation went perfectly (I though). Followed the INSTALL.amiga
> to the dot (I thought). Got everything running. I did got some messages like:

Good to here.

> So in short:
> 1) Should the man page for vi be in the distribution?

it should be in the man set.

> 2) Should ps be in the distribution?

It needs the kernel to be on the root partition (along with other bin's)

> 3) Can I pop NetBSD into PAL mode? (My monitor isn't very hapy with NTSC)

man iteconfig (when you get the man set :)

> 4) Is anyone developing a driver for the FastlaneZ3 card?

I think it is at least being thought about.

> 5) Has anyone done a port of emacs for NetBSD (X and no X).

Emacs should compile out of the box (the latest version) for X and a
non X.

> 6) Is there any FAQ's for writing new drivers (Like a FastlaneZ3 driver?)


> 7) How do I mount a NetBSD partition from AmigaDOS?

Use BFFS and *DON'T* write to it.