Subject: Installation Questions
To: None <>
From: Chris Browning <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/22/1994 11:54:44
Thanks to the help of Michael Hitch and his non contiguous memory kernal, I
was able to make it through the installation process.  A few messages
appeared during it that was not mentioned in the install guide.  They occurred
at the point where you run MAKEDEV all.  First of all, when I just typed
MAKEDEV all, it couldn't find MAKEDEV, so I used "./MAKEDEV ALL"  Guess "."
wasn't in the path.  While MAKEDEV was running, it came up with the following
chgrp: kmem: illegal group name
 "     bin:  "
 "     operator: "
 "     bin:    "
 "     wheel:   "

After repeating those several times, it said
MAKEDEV.local:  Can't open MAKEDEV.local

Is this normal?

Two other quick questions....
Is there a way to make the terminal 640X200.  Interlace sucks!

What do I do now that I have the installation complete.  How do I add user, etc.

Thanks in advance...