Subject: Missing files or bad install by me?
To: None <>
From: Daniel Widenfalk <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/22/1994 11:40:43
Hello everybody!

I'm quite new to NetBSD (installed it yesterday) in particular and beeing
root on Un*x in general, so some of these questions may seem trivial to 
the advanced user.

First: The installation went perfectly (I though). Followed the INSTALL.amiga
to the dot (I thought). Got everything running. I did got some messages like:
2 mouse (mice?) configured
10 view(s?) configured
I know that these two have been up before so I'll just read the FAQ today to
get them fixed, no problem. Then I got a "ttye1 not configured", so I commented
it out from /etc/ttys. No sweat. This was when I discovered some blank spaces
in my brain.
I have used vi before, but I think I had suppressed it from my mind. Just as
you would suppress realy bad experiences. This is when the trouble started:
Tried to do "man vi". I wanted to quit vi and didn't know how! So ctrl-Z and
man whould be the answer. WRONG: man reports that there is no man page for
vi! Doesn't NetBSD come with this man page or have I failed in my installation.

The next problem popped up about ten seconds later. In desperation from not
known how to quit vi I decided to try to kill the process. Tried ps, which 
gave me the happy answer : "ps /netbsd: no such file or directory" or something
very like it. So: Doesn't ps come with the NetBSD or have I once again failed
with my installation?

To make all who worked with NetBSD happy:
It took me ~four hours to install NetBSD (I had to attend some classes). It
newer crashed. I newer got any major error messages. All went very smooth.
Having worked with tiny spungy windows (MS win) on a IBM comp. I know how
terrible an installation can be!

My config is:
A4000/040 8 alt 16 Mb RAM 124 Mb IDE + 202 Mb SCSI-2 attached to a FastlaneZ3
card. No multisync monitor (sob!).

The binary distribution were fetched from:*

So in short:
1) Should the man page for vi be in the distribution?
2) Should ps be in the distribution?
3) Can I pop NetBSD into PAL mode? (My monitor isn't very hapy with NTSC)
4) Is anyone developing a driver for the FastlaneZ3 card?

Oh, almost forgot:
After my little happening with vi (lots of nasty words and banging one of my 
girlfriends soft-toys's head on the wall (didn't want to hurt my own)), I
decided to port emacs. I know that to hope of a painless port of emacs to a
new system is like hoping that the goverment would start giving free funds
to the public. The thing is that I got some nasty errors when trying to 
compile emacs (used s-bsd4-2.h and m-mega68.h or some such).
It complained on /usr/share/include/sys/wait.h. This could come from the emacs
source files, but I don't know. so here is some more:

5) Has anyone done a port of emacs for NetBSD (X and no X).
6) Is there any FAQ's for writing new drivers (Like a FastlaneZ3 driver?)

Oh, and another thing:
Can I (and how) mount a NetBSD partition (like /usr) under AmigaDOS.
I found a BFFSFileSystem in the NetBSD dirs, but it just trashed my root-

7) How do I mount a NetBSD partition from AmigaDOS?

/Daniel Widenfalk

P.S. Sorry for the massive text! My fingers got carried away before my brain
     could stop them! I did get them back though! D.S.