Subject: Re: Help me! Ethernet vs Slip!
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: William J Coldwell <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/20/1994 04:40:38
	ether: -> cryonet (199.2.115.x : my class C)
	slip: -> world



icecube is the slip link to the world, and I want everything to go through  
it, so I run routed on it (as well as named, but that is an excersize that I  
will leave for another message, should you need it).

"routed -s" is in my rc.local on icecube.

I want warp and cryo to use icecube as their default router, and since warp  
is a NetBSD/Amiga setup, I'll explain how I do that.

In your /etc/netstart file, there are flags for routed, "routed_flags=-q" is  
what I have set.

I created a /etc/mygate file with "icecube" in it, which the rc|netstart  
files use to attach the default route.

/etc/hosts should have all of your machines in it, on all of your machines.	icecube	cryo	warp

/etc/defaultdomain should have your domain name without the leading period.   
Mine is ""

I have a /etc/hostname.le0 file since I have an A2065 in warp, so it contains
inet	warp	0xFFFFFF00	up

Oh, /etc/myname has "" in it.

My /etc/resolv.conf has my Domain Name Server for my domain in it.  Since I  
run named on icecube, it's my host.  Most people use other sites (usually  
provided by your Internet Service Provider, or university that you are  
connected to).  In my case, it holds:
It's best to use IP#'s for your nameserver, for speed, and the fact that  
you'd have to have your nameserver in your /etc/hosts files, which is a  
nuicense to look up (for some people).

I do believe the above contains more than you wanted to know about how to get  
your NetBSD machine using a SLIP link.  Should you be using your NetBSD as  
your slip link, you will also need to configure the SLIP portion, which I  
believe you already have done.  The most important part is to make sure that  
you run routed so that the link addresses will be broadcasted.> netstat -rn
Routing tables
Destination      Gateway            Flags     Refs     Use  Interface          UH          2     2571  lo0          UH          0        3  lo0    <- Slip
default        UG          3   546621  slip0  <- default
199.2.115        U          10   692136  en0    <- Ether

Good luck.  If you need more help, send me your output from the above files,  
and a netstat -rn listing.


(cc'ed to the mailing list for those who might want to know too)

 William J. Coldwell - - Cryogenic Software