Subject: Re: fd1
To: Matthias Kirschnick <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/19/1994 10:22:28
On Sep 19,  5:06pm, Matthias Kirschnick wrote:
> My problem is that /dev/fd1 is not recognized by the kernel
> (uni-regensburg:.../netbsd1.0-release2/netbsd)

  None of the "standard" kernels have fd1 (or fd2) configured, only fd1.
You will need to rebuild the kernel  and add the fd1 device to the config

> Is it possible to use the msdos-fs on floppies? 

  If the msdos-fs is on a floppy that uses the Amiga track format, it
might work.  If the floppy uses the IBM sector format, it will currently
be unreadable.  The current driver only supports the Amiga track format
at this time.


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