Subject: dealing with /opt
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/18/1994 00:54:26
To whomever can answer this,
	I am new at this netbsd stuff. I have it working fine and X11 runs
great! Yeah! But I don't understand how to deal with this /opt stuff
I downloaded emacs gcc fvwm and bash. All of wish want to place themselves
in the /opt directory. I put everything in /usr/opt. So how do I 
get everything installed and running right. I tried the ./../install/Install
and i always get some sort of errors. Gcc says it can't find man. I know
I'm making this sound vague but I just need to know how to deal with the
/opt. Do I rename /usr to /opt? And were do I get all the includes for 
programming, like stdio.h and stdlib.h and et al? thanks for any help.
Joe Sulewski