Subject: Re: /opt (NOT!)
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/13/1994 11:44:22
>     Only one question: Most programs demand hard-coded paths, e.g. Emacs. How does
>     one arrange to install such programs in any directory? The only thing I can
>     imagine is to add an additional symlink (e.g. when /opt is hardcoded and you
>     want to install in /usr/local, ln -s /usr/local /opt).
> Funny, I've done the inverse on my Solaris system since I prefer using /opt
> since it's a shorter pathname prefix. :-)

Me too, but I wasn't able to convince the folks here on this list of
that nice fact. :-)

> Btw, where are the hard-coded pathname dependencies in Emacs that can't be
> overridden with Lisp and/or environment variables (assuming Lisp packages
> follow their conventions)?  I can't think of any offhand but I'd like to
> know of any.

Sorry, I don't know the internals of Emacs, I just now it breaks if
you install it somewhere else. And AFAIK that's the same case with gcc
and most probably other software. I know of fvwm who has the path to
its system.fvwm really hardcoded (compiled in).

How can one handle that? Change the whole source? Compile single
modules when installing packages?


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