Subject: Re: First time installation of NetBSD 1.0-pre-beta
To:, Christopher Marshall <chm@Think.COM>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/12/1994 15:59:27
> I put up an install doc and a new pre-release and it is really
> very easy to install with it and the boot-floppy.  However I
> am not ready to take it to release yet due to a new bug with
> gdb not working again (sigh).  ALl I can say is it wasn't my fault
> so don't mail me any angry notes.

Well, great work so far! :-)

Some comments:
- Could you please add the kernel-source that was mentioned to compile the
  supplied kernel? The INSTALL.amiga mentions recompiling the kernel, so
  I suppose there should be valid sources somewhere. (NOT -current ! :)
- Typo in "supported devices", SCSI, 53c710: Zeus (not Zues)
- There's a nice way to create /dev/* when base10 and etc10 are installed
  (I assume the BSD-root is on /mnt, with the BSD-usr is on /mnt/usr):

  # /mnt/sbin/mount_null /mnt/usr /usr        ; shared libs available now
  # /mnt/usr/chroot /mnt /bin/sh              ; reach /etc/passwd, etc.
  # cd /dev
  # sh MAKEDEV all
  # exit                                      ; exit chroot'ed shell

  I think this can be incorporated easily into the "Configure" script and
  prevent an additional reboot the user has to worry about.
- You mention changing after installation, and also invocation
  of man. Maybe you should add a note to add users via "vipw", not by editing
  /etc/passwd by hand.

Besides that, the Install-doc looks really good to me. Congratulations! :-)

So long,


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