Subject: Re: /opt (NOT!)
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/12/1994 16:43:00
> 	I agree with Ty, we should adopt the FreeBSD pkg_* system and
> 	then at install time we can decide where we like the package
> 	to be; /usr/local? /opt? /foo? /fork_svr4? Then all the BSD
> 	systems can be radically different from each other, in the TRUE
> 	BSD tradition, and it won't matter!
> 	Everybody happy?

Sounds great. :-)

Only one question: Most programs demand hard-coded paths, e.g. Emacs. How does
one arrange to install such programs in any directory? The only thing I can
imagine is to add an additional symlink (e.g. when /opt is hardcoded and you
want to install in /usr/local, ln -s /usr/local /opt).


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