Subject: Re: Installing X helpme
To: None <,>
From: Hartmut Kuehn <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/11/1994 03:08:44
Hi Richard (Richard H. Wood), on Sep 3 you wrote:

> Now, I have a question:  I've been using a Sun at work about a year, now, 
> and I was told to set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH (and $LD_PATH was it?) to point to 
> shared library locations.  Nobody ever mentioned ldconfig, that I recall.  
> Does NetBSD also honor these environment variables as well like SunOS?

Hmm, I think the reason is, that ldconfig can only be executed by root.
Can be mistaken, but I think my memory serves well this time.
"setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH bla" will work for every user. I think, it's
also better to "setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH bla:", the : in the end says,
that after bla any default path is to be appended.



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