Subject: Re: Problems with installing 1.0b
To: Niklas Hallqvist <>
From: Eduardo E. Horvath <>
List: amiga
Date: 09/01/1994 08:53:30
On Thu, 1 Sep 1994, Niklas Hallqvist wrote:

> >>>>> "Eduardo" == Eduardo E Horvath eeh@btr com <> writes:
> Eduardo> On Wed, 31 Aug 1994, Amish Dave wrote:
> Eduardo> The preffered method to get into multi-user mode is with
> Eduardo> loadbsd -a.
> I used to prefer this, but nowadys I seldom use it.  When having a slow
> processor and large disks the unnecessary filechecks when I know they
> are cleanly unmounted are very disturbing.  I know there are plans to
> add a "fs clean" flag to the ufs, but as long as it isn't there I boot
> through single user all the time.

"It's in there!"  If you use the command `fastboot' to shut down the 
machine, it will skip the disk checks on the next boot.  I have been 
using this for almost a year now with great success.

> What I'd like is some way to pass in a new bootflags to /dev/reload.
> Maybe we could write a front-end called "loadbsd" which essentially
> would be the ADOS version but use /dev/reload instead.  Comments?

Reload currently copies the bootflags directly from the old running 
kernel.  What you want to do is modify the flags in the currently running 
kernel.  (Heck, it's already booted.  It doesn't care what the flags 
are.)  The quick and dirty solution is, if you know where they're stored, 
go in and change them with DDB.  Otherwise, have fun with the kvm stuff.