Subject: Re: patch failed
To: Mailing List < (Marco Musso), amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/03/1995 08:29:44
On Mar  3, 10:01am, Marco Musso wrote:
> First, the use of binpatch is a little bit strange:
> [0]8.Work:NetBSD> binpatch -s _rh_default_gfx -r 1 netbsd.pat 
> _rh_default_gfx(0xb4e84): 4 (0x4)
> [0]8.Work:NetBSD> binpatch -s _rh_default_gfx -r 1 netbsd.pat 
> _rh_default_gfx(0xb4e84): 4 (0x4)
> [a second issue of the command return the same value, why ?]

  That's because there is a bug in that version of binpatch.  You
need to use the alternate form:
	binpatch -s _rh_default_grx=1 netbsd.pat

> Well, I think that we (NetBSD Amiga  _users_)  need  a  more  flexible
> handling  of  X  resolutions  (and  related parameters) , maybe with a
> Xconfig file like Linux (with a more "human" default :-).

  The ECS servers allow setting the width & height as command line
arguments to the server.

> Maybe you could answer also to this question (not X related, sorry):
> Why this fstab entry doesn't mount the ados partitions ?
> /dev/sd1a       /               ufs     rw      1       1
> /dev/sd1d       /mnt/wb         ados    ro      0       2
> /dev/sd1e       /mnt/work       ados    ro      0       2
> /dev/sd1f       /usr            ufs     rw      1       2
> /dev/sd0d       /mnt/transito   ados    ro      0       2
> /dev/sd0e       /mnt/temp       ados    ro      0       2
> /dev/fd0a       /mnt/df0        ados    ro      0       2
> mount_ados says that "ro" is an unknown option...

  If you are using the 1.0 version of mount_ados, it doesn't have a
read-only option.  The adosfs mount routine didn't enforce a read-only
mount even though the file system was read-only.

  The current kernel requires that the mount specify read-only, which
the old mount_ados can not do.  To mount ados partitions with the current
kernel requires a newer version of mount_ados that accepts the ro option.


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