Subject: Re: PHIGS, PEX, etc
To: Keven 'Fractal' Ring <>
From: Andy Heffernan <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 10/26/1994 22:31:48
> The file, phigsmon, resides under the X11 libs directory.  IE, for my system,
> this is:
> /usr/X11R5/lib/X11/PEX
> Under the PEX directory, there are a few files, one of which is phigsmon.

I thought I answered this once, but maybe that was something else.
phigsmon crashing, as I recall, was due to a kernel bug in the SYSV
shared-memory crap (shmget and friends).  This was months and months
and months ago (maybe early summer), and was one of those situations
where I tracked it down, reported it to the current-users list with a
patch for feedback and was told "Oh, yeah, we fixed that yesterday, you
boob."  Ah well, life in the fast lane.

> Now to the questions:  
> 1)  Why is this program core-dumping?

kernel-bug.  I wish I could tell you what version to upgrade to.

> 2)  Where is the source code for this program, so that I may compile
> 	it on my machine?

Deep in the bowels of the X11R5 source tree.

> 3)  Who compiled X11R5, esp. the PHIGS extension part of it?


> 4)  Can PHIGS run on the AMIGA?  (Come on- it runs on LINUX for the
> 	IBM -> If we can't do everything that IBM does, what good
> 	are we - Note - hopefully, we do it better! :)
> 4)  Has anybody out there EVER gotten the included PHIGS programs, beach_ball
> 	or auto_box to run?

yes, although they are horrendously slow.

> 5)  If PHIGS does not run on the AMIGA, why was is distributed in binary form
> 	in X11R5?

These are orthogonal issues.  The double-byte fonts have been screwed up
for months now, and up till now, only one guy has noticed it.

> 6)  Can PHIGS run on the ECS chipset, or only on a retina (Not really intersted
> 	in color.... YET).

The mono server doesn't include PEX (the PHIGS extension), probably for
space reasons.  Just for laffs, I'll see if I can relink it to include
PHIGS extension.