Subject: PHIGS, PEX, etc
To: None <>
From: Keven 'Fractal' Ring <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 10/26/1994 18:37:38
OK guys.  Third time.  Any reply would be greatly helpful.
Someone had to compile X11R5.  This person also probably compiled
the X server, and all of the libraries that are distributed under
the NetBSD-Amiga/contrib/X11 tree (now in OLD).  One of these
libraries happens to be libphigs.a.  I would like to use PHIGS.
The person who compiled the Xamiga+retina server included the PEX-3D
extension, used to run PHIGS programs.  So - The libs are there, the
server that can accept PHIGS programs is there.  I even got a PHIGS
program to compile.  Unfortunately, none of the PHIGS programs runs
under the server.  In fact, they all leave a core dump.  However, the
compiled program does not core dump, rather another program, called
phigsmon core dumps.  This is proven by the phigsmon.core, as well
as when running phigsmon alone, it core dumps.  The phigsmon file,
when it dumps, says bad system call.  (Illegal instruction, also, I think).
The file, phigsmon, resides under the X11 libs directory.  IE, for my system,
this is:
Under the PEX directory, there are a few files, one of which is phigsmon.

Now to the questions:  
1)  Why is this program core-dumping?
2)  Where is the source code for this program, so that I may compile
	it on my machine?
3)  Who compiled X11R5, esp. the PHIGS extension part of it?
4)  Can PHIGS run on the AMIGA?  (Come on- it runs on LINUX for the
	IBM -> If we can't do everything that IBM does, what good
	are we - Note - hopefully, we do it better! :)
4)  Has anybody out there EVER gotten the included PHIGS programs, beach_ball
	or auto_box to run?
5)  If PHIGS does not run on the AMIGA, why was is distributed in binary form
	in X11R5?
6)  Can PHIGS run on the ECS chipset, or only on a retina (Not really intersted
	in color.... YET).

Come on people!  PHIGS is a program for X.  Yet no-one knows about it!  I have
written the X-Consortium at MIT, but they never responded either.  Since it
was supplied with R5 in binary form, why doesn't anyone support it?

I need to use PHIGS.  Replies like, "Why are you using PHIGS.  Noone uses
PHIGS", or "PHIGS?  You aren't a real programmer if you use PHIGS", are not
what I am looking for.  I don't want to use PHIGS, but am required to use
it.  Someone, at least the person who compiled the X11R5 stuff knows, right?

Sorry to sound a little hot-headed.  The department here doesn't want to
support the Amiga, many students feel that I am the support for the AMIGA,
and many people in the class own AMIGAS, and are looking at NETBSD.  If
they can use PHIGS on their own machine, rather than trekking 1-2 miles
to use a department computer, they will be much more willing to try a new
package like NETBSD.  This is a user base!  All of us here have Amiga UNIX 2.1
so "just to have it" isn't a real reason for users here. But, there is support
for NETBSD, none for COMIX (COMmodore unIX).  This would give people here a
little boost, and maybe persuade them to use (or at least try) NETBSD.

I like it.  I use both Comix and NETBSD, and like them both.  But, I hate
to be so close to using PHIGS on my own machine, rather than the DECstations.
Also, the exe's are 1/20'th the size (shared libs), and since only 1 person
would be on the system, might actually run decent.  So, once again, 
please help.  If you know any of the above answers, etc., great!  I will
be listening.

Again- Thanks for any help...

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