Subject: X11R6 Retina, no interlace :(
To: None <>
From: David C Greene <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 10/22/1994 20:24:49
I just installed the new X11R6 packages along with the XRetina-beta
server and the Xamiga24 server.
The Xamiga24 server flat out refuses to work, I get a segment violation
everytime.  The screen comes up, initializes the top 1/4 of the screen
with the stipple pattern and the dumps core.  Any hints? Does this server
require banked devices and therefore kernel 0.9??

The XRetina-beta server works fine except I still can't get any interlaced
screens to work properly.  I keep trying 1024x768:

	; 1024 W 768, 8 Bit, 26709 Hz, 66 Hz i
	ID  108050  FQ  75000000  MD  0  FLG 6
	SW  1024  SH  768  MW  1024  MH  768
	HBS 257  HSS 287  HSE 309  HBE 347  HT  346
	VBS 385  VSS 386  VSE 392  VBE 402  VT  402

but all I get is a rolling screwed up screen.

BTW, my monitor will do 15-38khz, and 50-90hz.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.. 800x600 sux. (thats the most
vertical I can get, i am currently running 1000x600, still sux)