Subject: Re: (Fwd) Another X11 and PHIGS question...
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Andy Heffernan <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 10/20/1994 08:23:27
> I think this is more appropriate here than in my home-mailfolder:
> --- Forwarded mail from "Keven 'Fractal' Ring" <>
> To: (Hubert Feyrer)
> I have been reading in comp.unix.amiga and have noticed that a
> complete version, including contrib, of X11R6 has been placed
> in the NetBSD-AMIGA tree.
> 1)  Does this include PHIGS and the PHIGS libraries?
> 2)  Was the server compiled with PHIGS?
> 3)  If 1) and 2) are satisfied, does the program phigsmon
>     work?
> 4)  If 4), does beach_ball work?

I don't know about R6, but I think you should be able to get PHIGS in a
mono server by running the R5 Xamiga+retina server with the -mono switch:

xinit -- -mono

Hmmm, well I tried it, but got line after line of "PHIGS error 3"
messages.  The same server in Retina mode worked fine, if a bit
slowly.  I don't know -- this is too much for my puny brain to

The phigsmon crash was due to a kernel bug months and months ago.