Subject: (Fwd) Another X11 and PHIGS question...
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 10/20/1994 10:16:28
I think this is more appropriate here than in my home-mailfolder:

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To: (Hubert Feyrer)

I have been reading in comp.unix.amiga and have noticed that a
complete version, including contrib, of X11R6 has been placed
in the NetBSD-AMIGA tree.

1)  Does this include PHIGS and the PHIGS libraries?
2)  Was the server compiled with PHIGS?
3)  If 1) and 2) are satisfied, does the program phigsmon
4)  If 4), does beach_ball work?

I think that you said that you put these up there, but I can't
remember.  As for PHIGS, the libs that came with R5 do compile
PHIGS programs, but they still don't run.  I believe that this
is due to some problem with the program phigsmon, located (from
the X11R5 tree): X11R5/lib/X11/PEX/phigsmon.  When this program
is run, it seg. faults due to a bad system instruction.
Incidently, the server that comes with the R5 distributions was
compiled with the PHIGS extensions (do a xdpyinfo | more).  This
is only with the amiga+retina server.

If phigsmon IS the problem, in which archive of R5 (ie contrib 1-4,
etc.), does the source for this program reside.  I will try to
recompile it and see if this does the trick in fixing PHIGS.

If you do not know the answer(s) to these questions, would it be
possible to mail this to the NetBSD / X group that handles this.

I tried to contact (a few weeks ago...) the person who compiled
the server for X11R6 dist., but to no avail.

Once again, any help on this matter is GREATLY appreciated!

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