Subject: Re: Interlace and Retina
To: Michael Alan Hobart <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 10/19/1994 23:07:50
Michael Alan Hobart writes:
> I also have had problems with interlace and the Retina Z2 board.  I would guess
> that this is a glitch in how the driver was programmed.  I use an NEC Multisync
> 3D monitor myself.  About the farthest I've been able to get it is 1000x750 but
> the refresh rate here is down to 47 Hz.  This is only margal - i.e. it depends
> on my mood and how tired I am whether it's too flickery or not.
> It would be useful if someone would address the interlace programming issue.

Hmm... I havn't seen this problem with my Retina Z2, and I've run it
in 1280x1024 interlaced...  (I've got a ADI Microscan 4G for a
monitor).  Horizontal 53.8 KHz, and 100 Hz vertical... Actually
flickers less than 1280x1024 non-interlaced at 53.8 KHz horizontal and
50 Hz vertical.

The only "problem" I've seen with the Retina is horizontal white lines
about 150-200 pixels in length which "flash" to the left of the xterms
when doing scrolling (they flash only along the left edge of the
xterm).  I've only seen this problem at resolutions above 1024x768ni
(1024x768ni is rock solid).  1152x900ni and 1192x900ni show this 
"strange flashing" problem.. (I'm not sure how else to describe it :-(  ) 

I've been just assuming its a CPU bandwidth problem of some sort, and
havn't said anything till now.. has anyone else seen the above

> I'm enclosing a saved definition for the 1000x750 mode if anyone is interested.

An invisible definition perhaps? ;-) :-)


Greg Oster
Department of Computational Science
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA