Subject: Re: Unreasonable X probs
To: None <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 10/12/1994 17:43:13
In article <9410121310.AA14440@crunch>,
Markus Landgraf  <> wrote:
> >>>>> "mikeb" == mikeb  <> writes:
>     mikeb> Actually, the default for X11R6 is /usr/X11R6 for most
>     mikeb> configurations, don't know why it was changed for
>     mikeb> NetBSD-amiga, probably someone didn't make their /usr
>     mikeb> partition big enough.
> No, it was a political decision, I think. In this point of view X11 is
> a package and belongs to the directory where all the packages
> reside. This is /opt for SVR4 unices and /usr/local for BSDs. 
> Furthermore I have to correct myself. AIX puts X11 into /usr/lpp/X11,
> so this seems to be a package for AIX, this means it seems to be ok
> for NetBSD when X11 resides in /usr/local/X11R?.

If all packages go in /usr/local, then X should be in /usr/local, not
/usr/local/X11R?, right?  At any rate, I always put X in /usr/X11R? on
every machine, which can be a link to the real location if neccesary.

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