Subject: Re: RetinaZ3 experimental X-server
To: None <>
From: Lutz Vieweg <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/17/1994 12:55:11
In article <>, Andreas Johansson writes:

> Has anyone compiled a kernel with support for the Retina Z3 that would work
> with an A4000 w/ GVP scsi interface? It seems to me that the kernel compiled
> by mw did not contain the gvp driver.

You are correct, the kernel in incoming/experimental does not support
scsi-devices other than the A3000's built-in. 

> I would like to get NetBSD to work on my Retina Z3 without recompiling the
> kernel, with custom chips I get a pretty nifty 640x400 on a TV-set!

Hmmm... well... you are the second one who's asking...

The problem is: Markus kernel is NOT based on the latest kernel sources,
and I don't feel comfortable with the idea of mixing Markus' changes with
the current sources... I'd like to leave this (possibly tricky) part to

I'll take a short look at it in the next days, but I won't dig deeper into
the kernel internals if it doesn't run after a few compile-cycles...

cu, Lutz Vieweg

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