Subject: Re: Retina X servers
To: Lutz Vieweg <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/15/1994 03:18:22
> I'm now running the new Retina ZIII X-Server, which is in the
> incoming/experimental directory, and though this is a very first
> attempt (which can still be optimized in many ways), it runs
> reliable here. 
> >From what Markus wrote, this X-Server ALSO works on the Retina Z2,
> Markus actually has both a Z2 and a Z3 in his computer, so he's
> probably tested this. As I wrote before, I cannot test the new
> server on the Z2, but you may do so, and I can assure you there
> are suitable gfx-modes available for your 38.5kHz monitor in it
> (currently, you need to binpatch the kernel to select the mode!)

It DOES work on the Z2 Retina, but you really don't want to use it there (besides, if you run your own kernel, you HAVE to use a config file which has
BANKEDPAGER (or similar, sorry, I'm not at home right now...) defined, so
the segmented framebuffer appears to the mmap() call as one contiguous
block of memory). The big problem of the server running on the Z2 is speed,
you really want to use a server that does segment switching without taking a 
pagefault each time, so go for the french server.

Well, if you really want, have a look at the experimental stuff, but I won't
be able to help much, as I'm at a friends place here in California, and can't
work on NetBSD for a while.

Have a good one,

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