Subject: Re: New X bins for "off_t" kernels
To: None <>
From: 'Evil' ERic Mehlhaff <mehlhaff@ocf.Berkeley.EDU>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/14/1994 06:13:22 recently wrote:

>	Is anybody going to cut new versions of the X binarys for the
>	new kernels with 64 bit off_t's and 32 bit uid/gid? I'm especially
>	interested in new versions of the libes, Xmono and xmosaic...

I've beeen running a full X distribution, with the Xamiga kernel, on a
current kernel(compiled from this weeks' lamp sources no less!).

I don't know how whether the rest of my binaries set is post off_t -- I
grabbed the 940319 bin-dist from eunet and installed it, and discovered that
it broke lots of things. One of which was X --  I happened to have full source,
and lots of disk space, so I X recompiled X.  (Wasn't too hard, except for
the fact that lex just refuese to work for me. I recompiled lex, bootstrapped
from initscan.c, compiled flex-2.4.6.  Nothing generated a lex that would make
code that would compile the X stuff.  sure, it worked enough to compile
config and/or recompile lex.  but elsewhere.  I hear this is a known bug, 
	Incidentally, I found the bug that causes XOpenDisplay to Unix sockets
open to the wrong socket (/tmp/X11-unix/X instead of X0 like it should) --
our struct sockaddr_un is differently sized than X expects it.

Anyway, if, indeed, the 940319 bin-dist is post off_t, then everything should
work ok (at least for the Xamiga server, anyway) and I'll go ahead and upload
to eunet. probably this weekend.

 ERic mehlhaff, mehlhaff@ocf.Berkeley.EDU