Subject: Retina X servers
To: None <>
From: Dave R. Madsen <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/11/1994 12:58:43
I purchased a Retina (the original Zorro II version) last week and
while the Retina console works great, I have been having trouble 
finding an X server that will work with it.

First I tried using the xretina.tar.gz package which is on in contrib/bsd/X11, but that server gives me a
segmentation fault immediately after it is executed.  I then tried
the new XRetinaZ2 archive that was put into incoming.  The Xconfig that
came with this server defined a screen mode that my monitor was unable to 
reproduce, so I used DefineMonitor under amigados to create
one that should work.  This X server starts up fine, but 
the screen is offset majorly down and to the right and flickers 
horribly, making it unusable.  The new Xconfig that I created is
listed below:

; 800x600, 8 bit, 37878 Hz, 60 Hz
ID  781859636  FQ  80000000  MD  0  FLG 4
SW  800  SH  600  MW  800  MH  600
HBS 201  HSS 202  HSE 219  HBE 260  HT  259
VBS 601  VSS 602  VSE 612  VBE 628  VT  628

This monitor defination works fine when using the "test" gadget under
AmigaDOS, but produces the strange, contorted screen described above
when trying to use it with XRetinaZ2.

I am using the kernel created by the April 10th tar file of the src/sys
tree on sun-lamp.  Does anyone have a working X server using the 
Retina board?  If so, what Xconfig and version of the kernel/libraries
are you using?  I purchased this board specifically for X under
netbsd so any help/advice/tips you can give me would be greatly

Dave    (