Subject: Re: New X bins for "off_t" kernels
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/11/1994 10:31:27
> In article <> writes:
> I believe the day is April 15 (aka Tax Day in the US. BTW, irrelevant
> tax factoid: I read today where some unfortunate businesses in Russia
> have found themselves in a 120% tax bracket!!!)
	Nope, April 15th is for the members, the general public has to wait
	till at least the end of the month.

> > 	R6 won't do us squat bit of good as only the x86 stuff would be
> > 	in it. It will take a while to port. Meanwhile, anybody who
> Not entirely true... the client side stuff that the X86 Consortium did
> is supposed to include support for all of NetBSD, not just NetBSD/i386.
> Ie, imake templates, etc. So the client side should port easily.
> Obviously the amiga servers woun't be in there, but I wouldn't immagine
> that will take TOO long to port to R6.
	No but that still would leave those of us who want to debug the
	"off_t" kernel Xless for a few weeks; SHUDDER!!!

> > 	upgrades to -current now will lose all X support. B^(. X uses
> > 	alot of the OS effected by off_t and uid/gid stuff; hell, the
> There are already people (members of the X consortium) running R6 on
> NetBSD/i386 with 64 bit off_t's, apparently, so I wouldn't worry too
> much about that at least for R6. 
	The client librarys aren't the problem. I've got gobs of patches
	for X11R5 and off_t stuff the x86 guys cranked out. The trouble is
	the server. If I install the off_t includes to make the clients the
	server will hurl on the librarys produced. B^(.

> Anyone want to take wagers on how high it will get before NetBSD 1.0?
> :-)
	Hmmm, imaginary or real part of the number? B^).

> > 	While I think R6 will be C0OL, we need new binaries to hold us
> > 	until Amiga versions of R6 server's can be done.
> Agreed, though for off_t reasons it might be best to wait a bit for R6.
	But I want my cake, X11, and to eat it to, work on the 64/32/32
	kernel and librarys to debug things and clean it up.