Subject: Re: xbsdcc[24]: resolution fixed ?
To: Markus Illenseer <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/05/1994 13:36:29
>  Brr.
>  Ever heard of iteconfig? This nifty programm changes the size and
>  the colors of the console _online_. No need to compile your own
>  kernel or to use binpatch! This way it is easy to change the
>  comsole size from 640x480 (NTSC/PAL) to 1024x1024 for A2024.

When the next set of bins come out iteconfig will be in /usr/sbin :^)
and man iteconfig will produce something.

>  The new xbsdcc X servers don't read the size of the console and open
>  a hard-coded screen, as you remarked already. You need to patch the
>  server. Get a binary editor (heck, even the vi does it) and look
>  for the (binary) value 640 (0x280 ?) and change it into 1024.

Won't work the server will die.  I posted a while ago but the person missed it (pretty easy it was back when the servers where released) that 2024 people
are basically SOL becuase the xbsdcc servers don't give the user full 
enough control over the view.  Hopefully in a future release this will be 

> Markus Illenseer