Subject: Re: Various ECS X-servers
To: Greg Oster <>
From: Philippe BRAND <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/01/1994 09:44:46
Greg Oster writes:

> I don't know if you've uploaded the new version or not, but if you
> have, where did you put it? (I'm dying to get ahold of it, and I can't
> seem to track it down anywhere...)  If you havn't uploaded it, could
> you please do so when you have the time?  The 5x speed increase would
> make the color version much more usable...

I feel very sorry but:

- There're still some weird bugs in it so my friend's gonna work on it
this week-end.
- I've just bought a new house so expect a little delay.

I hope to release it next week.

Philippe BRAND RAMSES BBS Co-Sysop 2:320/104.21