Subject: Re: tcl/tk on Amiga-NetBSD X11R5
To: None <>
From: Andreas E. Heitmann <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 02/22/1994 16:36:52
>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Yadlowsky <> writes:

    Paul>   I currently have tcl/tk working (almost) on an Amiga 3000
    Paul> running the NetBSD operating system (BSD unix, X11R5).  Tk
    Paul> does everything as expected with one major exception; it
    Paul> does not display text.  The windows, buttons, menus all look
    Paul> and work fine --- they just don't show their text.  I've
    Paul> poked around in the tk code and have found the calls to
    Paul> XDrawString that should be generating these strings.  I've
    Paul> added printf statements to check the arguments and the
    Paul> arguments of these calls to XDrawString appear to be
    Paul> correct.  Any ideas what might be going wrong?  Please note
    Paul> that other programs such as xman and xcalc are working fine,
    Paul> labels and all.  This leads me to believe that the X server
    Paul> is working fine.

Hi !

I compiled tcl/tk and XF and didn't observe the problem you have. All
Strings are drawn correctly. I'm using the Retina X-server in the 256
color mode.

But with Tcl/Tk another problem showed up: when Tcl/Tk wants to lookup
a color from the color database, only color names which are completely
lowercase are recognized. Color names with uppercase letters are
"unknown" and give me an error message. Is this a bug in my color DB,
or a bug in the server ?


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