Subject: tcl/tk on Amiga-NetBSD X11R5
To: None <>
From: Paul Yadlowsky <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 02/22/1994 08:54:16
The following is a message I posted to comp.lang.tcl in hopes of
getting some help with an X problem on my Amiga (NetBSD 744, X11R5).
So far, no one has responded to my request for advice.
For those not familiar with tcl/tk, it is an X toolkit developed
by John Ousterhout at the University of California at Berkeley.
If any of you have any ideas as how I might go about
fixing this problem I would appreciate hearing from you.  Please
note that other people who have tried to run tcl/tk under Amiga-NetBSD
are having the same problem.


  I currently have tcl/tk working (almost) on an Amiga 3000 running the
  NetBSD operating system (BSD unix, X11R5).  Tk does everything as 
  expected with one major exception; it does not display text.  The
  windows, buttons, menus all look and work fine --- they just don't
  show their text.  I've poked around in the tk code and have found
  the calls to XDrawString that should be generating these strings.
  I've added printf statements to check the arguments and 
  the arguments of these calls to XDrawString appear to be correct.
  Any ideas what might be going wrong?  Please note that other programs
  such as xman and xcalc are working fine, labels and all.  This leads
  me to believe that the X server is working fine.  


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