Subject: Re: Problems with Retina-X
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 02/17/1994 10:42:28
> 1)  I can't seem to get any screen mode other than 640x480 to work right.
>     I changed the Xconfig to several different 8-bit monitor defs that
>      I am using in AmigaDos, but only the 640x480 is stable.  The others
>     lose vertical hold and flip around.

You did specify depth-8? Just asking because I use depth-4 usually when
working with ados.

> 2)  I always get a  blotch of random data in the upper left corner of the
>     screen.  It seems to be about 32x120 pixels.  Does anyone know what
>     the problem is?  Could it be a bad ram chip?  I don't see anything
>     wrond in AmigaDos, although I do get strange things when I use
>     XiPaint, especially when my 32-bit memory is running low.

Nah, that's the sprite.. Xretina seems to enable it, but doesn't further
set it up, or even support.

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