Subject: Problems with Retina-X
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 02/13/1994 17:35:56
I recently got X up and running on my 2000/Gforce-040/4mb-32bit/Retina.
I am having two major problems though.

1)  I can't seem to get any screen mode other than 640x480 to work right.
    I changed the Xconfig to several different 8-bit monitor defs that
     I am using in AmigaDos, but only the 640x480 is stable.  The others
    lose vertical hold and flip around.

2)  I always get a  blotch of random data in the upper left corner of the
    screen.  It seems to be about 32x120 pixels.  Does anyone know what
    the problem is?  Could it be a bad ram chip?  I don't see anything
    wrond in AmigaDos, although I do get strange things when I use
    XiPaint, especially when my 32-bit memory is running low.

One other problem not related to X, but might as well ask, why does
NetBSD refuse to work right in my 6MB 16bit ram?  It boots to single
user mode fine, but as soon as I do a command like "ps" or "df" or
anything else, I get a "single user shell terminating" and a screenful
of trapsignals.  I remeber a while back, someone said that there are
problems with the GForce 040, NetBSD, and 16-bit ram.

One more question:  Does anyone have the "reserved" jumper connections
     for the GForce-040 and the memory config jumper settings for
     GVP's 8mb board for the 2000?  I have 4 1-mb simms to install
     and can't get the jumper settings right (I lost the manual:( )