Subject: Re: Kernel printf Question
To: Michael Teske <>
From: Ron Roskens <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/04/1996 23:00:46
Thus spake Michael Teske:
> Hi!
> Does anybody know if there's a way to prevent kernel printf's from using
> The console output routines? Maybe there is a Flag somewhere to indicate
> that the console grf device is currently used otherwise?
> The actual problem is, that every kernel printf corrupts the display of 
> the Xserver. I just finished a console driver and a blitter-supporting 
> Xserver for the CV64, and that's the last problem (I know of :-).
> Another question: Is it possible to insert an console reinit at the point 
> where the debugger is entered? Or is the system already too corrupted at 
> that time? In the current implementation there is no way to read anything
> the debugger writes into the X display.

Have you tried using the "xconsole" command? This should redirect all console
output to a nice xwindow. Or you can use xterm -C to grab the console output.