Subject: NetBSD 1.1 fails on my 040+Picasso
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG, amiga-dev@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Yann-Erick Proy <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 01/26/1996 01:38:06
Hi everybody,

I recently downloaded NetBSD 1.1 in order to upgrade from 1.0 and finally
get the console on my 17 inch screen instead of on my interlaced 1084.

Unfortunately, the distribution kernel, as well as the last alpha one, only
displays a black screen on the Picasso (I know it is activated because of
the click made by the relay...), which makes difficult to answer to the
questions involved in the upgrade process... :-S

Does anybody here managed to have the console on the Picasso with a 040 ?

If not, what informations could I provide to try to help the developers to
fix the problem ?

The reason why I suspect the association of 040 and Picasso to be responsible
of the problem is that message I caught on the Picasso mailing list :

> From Mon Oct 30 12:01:22 1995
> Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 11:32:25 +0200
> From: (Antti Miettinen)
> To:
> Subject: {PML} PicassoII, Amiga 2000, 040
> Reply-To:
> It seems that there is something strange in the way the picasso
> registers appear in an Amiga 2000 with some 040 accelerators. Can
> anyone on this list elaborate on this subject?
> For the backgroud: in NetBSD-Amiga there is a Cirrus graphics driver
> which works for the PicassoII as well as other CL boards. However if
> you happen to have Amiga 2000 with for example Zeus 040 accelerator, at
> least one register has to be accessed in different location than with
> 030 for example. For me VDAC_DATA was the problematic register.
> Normally it is accessed at base+0x3c9 but I had to add an offset of
> 0xfff to this in order to get the colour initialisation working.
> Now the driver seems to work OK but I was wondering whether there is a
> better (a sane?) solution to this problem. It may well be that I am
> not using some features of the board which might not work.
> How is this 2000+040+PicassoII problem solved in Village and Cyber
> drivers?

Any help would be appreciated, as my 1084 is currently UNDER my desk (no
room elsewhere) and it is a quite uncomfortable situation... ;-)


Yann-Erick Proy      /
A2000/PPS040/Picasso/USR28k   Quantum730/Maxtor330/Sanyo4x/Cipher150