Subject: Re: port-amiga/1920: no DMA for fd & audio w/o grf_cc installed
To: None <>
From: Blaz Zupan <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 01/10/1996 17:08:14
> >Description:
> The code which handles the Amiga display is the only code which sets the
> DMAF_MASTER bit in INTENA for the custom chips.  Therefore, if
> you remove grf_cc, anything that uses custom chip DMA will fail.  I noticed
> this when I took grf_cc out (I run only grf_cl) and the floppy stopped
> working.  A perusal of the code revealed the error in fd.c and a similar
> error in cc.c for the audio handler.  

The exactly same problem is handled with the exactly same patch
in PR #1252 that I submitted way before 1.1 was released (on
22 Jul 1995), but Chris didn't close the PR until now.


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