Subject: Re: Everyone on vacation?
To: None <amiga-dev@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/26/1995 19:36:12
In article <21d3abeb.u8t20e.1ad1b-tjhayko@timper>,
Tom Hayko <> wrote:
> Hi Christian (Christian E. Hopps), in <v02120d00ad05c85c9c48@[164.76.64=
> =2E3]> on Dec 26 you wrote:
> > I am really glad, Bernd, that you have such a full grasp of the situation.
> > Perhaps if you paid me a salary I could provide you with the serviceyou
> > want?  Or maybe you could have helped me move.  I have other more personal
> > problems that I could iterate but you don't deserve to know about them.
> >
> > Merry f'ing christmas Bernd,
> I think that maybe the point here is that you needs some kind of backup,
> especially since you is working on a volunteer basis.  I think that it's
> unfair to expect that one person continue to do all the work of merging
> the changes if that person is devoting their own time.  How do the other
> ports handle this?

I have to agree with Chris that Bernd is way out of line.  I've seen
several other messages from other people of a similar (though toned
down) vein on the other NetBSD lists.  C'mon, it's the holidays for
cryin' out loud! People are busy with their own lives. Even people who
are PAID to work on projects work more slowly and less often this time
of year.  You know, take vacations, visit family, etc. It's hardly fair
to expect any more from unpaid volunteers.  Sure, there are things I'd
like to see done as well, that would be very easy (integrate sendmail
8.7.3, as a random example), but I'm not complaining. Let's give people
a couple weeks into the new year to get their lives back in order, and
then lets start inquiring politely, not jumping straight to "I DEMAND!". 

Still, it might have helped for Chris to mention he was moving (people
tend to be a lot more understanding about delays if they know WHY there
is one). But even though he didn't, it's no exuse for calling for him
to be thrown out as port master. Also, the idea of having an additional
person with CVS access is a good one.  Michael Hitch seems like the
obvious choice, since he's a sort of de-facto Amiga port co-master

Happy Holidays,