Subject: Re: Everyone on vacation?
To: None <amiga-dev@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/26/1995 13:30:12
> >> 	I finally got a valid 1.1A tree yesterday after 3 weeks of trying
> >> 	to get sup to work. A bug fix for the le interface had been submited
> >> 	two weeks ago but still hasn't made it in to the tree. Is everyone
> >> 	on vacation or is the Amiga port on autopilot?
> >
> >The later one :(
> >
> >We _really_ need one who is a better amiga-portmaster.
> >
> >Bernd
> >
> >P.S: I am thinking about to leave NetBSD when there is no change till the
> >     31th January.
> I am really glad, Bernd, that you have such a full grasp of the situation.
> Perhaps if you paid me a salary I could provide you with the service you
> want?  Or maybe you could have helped me move.  I have other more personal
> problems that I could iterate but you don't deserve to know about them.
> Merry f'ing christmas Bernd,
	I'm usually not one to stir up the Amiga group, I prefer to do
	that in other forums, especially since I myself don't have the time
	to be a solution to the problem but:

	Bernd has a valid point and your reply validates it.

	Maybe we need to add more to the Amiga core who can make changes so
	they don't all fall to one person who is overloaded.

	The time it takes to update the port IS having an impact on people
	who look at Linux and see alot going on but see nothing going
	on as far as the NetBSD port goes.

	At this point I don't care one way or the other as I've moved all
	critical functions off my Amiga and on to my SPARC but I think it's
	a real issue that Amiga port changes should happen in a timely
	In a statement that's probably going to get me seriously singed, I
	think > 2 weeks to put in a pr'd fix isn't timely. The other ports
	respond within 2 weeks. I put in Bernd's patch and it works as well
	as I can test it. I thank Bernd for the patch and hope that the above
	sharp responce won't chase him away since we need all the Amiga
	people we can get!

	Again, I loath commenting like this since I myself don't have time
	to be a solution but I think the responce to Bernd was unduly harsh
	and that some help is needed to keep the Amiga port fixes comming in
	in a timely manner.