Subject: Re: Everyone on vacation?
To: None <>
From: Tom Hayko <tjhayko@timper>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/26/1995 12:30:36
Hi Christian (Christian E. Hopps), in <v02120d00ad05c85c9c48@[164.76.64=
=2E3]> on Dec 26 you wrote:

> At 5:05 AM 12/26/95, Bernd Ernesti wrote:

(Rob Healey talking about his fixes to the le interface not being integ=
=20into the source tree yet)

> >
> >The later one :(
> >
> >We _really_ need one who is a better amiga-portmaster.
> >
> >Bernd
> >
> >P.S: I am thinking about to leave NetBSD when there is no change til=
l the
> >     31th January.
> I am really glad, Bernd, that you have such a full grasp of the situa=
> Perhaps if you paid me a salary I could provide you with the service =
> want?  Or maybe you could have helped me move.  I have other more per=
> problems that I could iterate but you don't deserve to know about the=
> Merry f'ing christmas Bernd,
> Chris.

I think that maybe the point here is that you needs some kind of backup=
especially since you is working on a volunteer basis.  I think that it'=
unfair to expect that one person continue to do all the work of merging
the changes if that person is devoting their own time.  How do the othe=
ports handle this?