Subject: Re: your mail
To: Michael J. Bond <>
From: Rob Leland <leland@freetocreate>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 11/06/1995 21:59:36
> >
> > Finally,  does the NetBSD 1.1ALPHA reflect the interrupt changes by 
> > Markus Wild, and do they affect any of the other drivers or just the 
> > internal serial port?
> > 
> I believe so, could someone else confirm.

Those changes have been in the kernel since 1.0 or so. The GENERIC config
file simply lacks the options to turn these on.

The netbsd-generic kernel does not have these options compiled in.
The netbsd-generic-level6 is the same as above, AND has the 
two compiler options:
# Markus Wild says he runs at 56K into a 19.2 modem with below, good enough for me!
options         "SERIBUF_SIZE=16738"    # use a much larger serial input buffer
options         LEV6_DEFER              # use level6 interrupt remapper

Added to the GENERIC config file.