Subject: Re: SBIC (a3000, gvpscsi, 2091)
To: Christian E. Hopps <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 10/30/1995 13:42:36
On Oct 30, 11:56am, Christian E. Hopps wrote:
> I would like to hear (please send to this list) from all the people currently running the sbic driver on there system.  This would mean anyone using the built in scsi on the A3000, the A2091 or the GVP line of scsi boards.
> Are you experiencing problems?  If so I would like to experiment with reverting your systems back to the old device.  I am considering doing this for the 1.1 release if the new driver proves to be to unstable.

  I have been using the current sbic driver on a G-Force 040 board, connected
to a DEC RZ24 drive, and an Adaptec ACB-4000 with two MFM drives.  I had
been having system lock ups with the SCSI bus active rather frequently when
using the old sbic driver.  Since using the current driver, I have not had
the system lock up like that.

  I have also used the current sbic driver on an GVP HardCard+8 board
connected to either a Seagate Elite 2 or a Seagate Barracuda II drive.
I have seen only one problem with the current driver:  when the Seagate
Elite 2 drive would get reset due to a power hit, the driver would seem
to get stuck trying to get the drive error status.  I was never around
when this situation occurred, so I'm not certain what the drive did (the
drive is in an external cabinet - I'm assuming that the external cabinet
power supply did not stay up during the power fluxuation, while the Amiga


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