Subject: screenblank
To: None <amiga-dev@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Blaz Zupan <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 10/24/1995 23:21:44
I was recently able to change the NetBSD/sparc sources
for screenblank to run on NetBSD/amiga. It kinda works
but there are some problems:

1. I had to "hardcode" /dev/ttye3 as the console into
screenblank. The problem is that getty runs on /dev/ttye3
and not on /dev/console so the last access time of
/dev/console doesn't change when you type something
on the console so you can't unblank the screen.
Now the question: I think I read sometime ago on
this list that you shouldn't run getty on /dev/console
but instead use /dev/ttye?. Why is that? I tried running
it on /dev/console and it seemed to work just fine and
it also seems to be more intuitive to me because you don't
have to edit /etc/ttys if you buy a graphic card.

2. I hate it that I have to type a real character to get
the screen unblanked. On the amiga side I can simply press
shift which does nothing but unblank the screen. Under
NetBSD I have to first remember what the last application
was that I was using so that I don't accidentally press
the wrong key.

3. If some program is writing to the screen the screen
doesn't blank because it seems like the last access time
also changes. Any ideas how to solve this?

BTW, the current screenblank only runs on cirrus and cybervision
boards as this are the only drivers that support GRFIOCBLANK. I
plan on implementing this for grf0 (and maybe even grf1 and grf2)
as well, but wonder if maybe someone else is working on it already.


  Blaz Zupan, Ljubljanska 19/b, 62000 Maribor, Slovenia,