Subject: Re: kern-amiga and sup
To: Michael L. Hitch <>
From: Rob Leland <leland@freetocreate>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 10/17/1995 22:45:19
> On Oct 17,  9:29am, Rob Leland wrote:
> >  It appears as if a recient sup from doesn't have
> >  the most recient sources for the amiga kernel source. In particular
> >  amiga/trap.c has a bug that MICHAEL HITCH FIXED on SEPT 29.
> >  The problem is that the variable mmudebug needed to be ifdef'ed out.
> >  My sup sources are from Oct 16.
> >  
> >  I believe my sup from Oct 11 did have the change !
>   The amiga/trap.c that I got from is dated 1995/10/09
> (in the $NetBSD: line, which also shows version 1.42) and seems to
> include that fix [the code in the switch statement has been completely
> removed].  The file timestamp is Oct 13 19:41 (all the files in the source
i> tree are dated from Oct 13 or later).

My version which was supped from scratch on Oct 15 has a header date of
1995/09/29 and is version 1.37. on Oct 14 decided to delete
all of my sources. So I delete all of my last.* and when.* files and started
from scratch. I received version 1.37 of the file from an October 15 sup.

When I do a ls -l  trap.c I get a date of Sept 30 02:57
When I do a ls -lc trap.c I get a date of Oct  15 22:21

I just would hate for people to loose work that they performed and not
notice it has been trampled on until it is too late!

> Michael