Subject: Re: A2232 and new kernel
From: Zik Saleeba <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/14/1995 11:21:02
You said:
> I know that A2232 serial card is NOT supported on NetBSD, but some patch
> exists to include it in ... rev 744 of the kernel (Whooo, long long ago...).

I wrote the A2232 driver for NetBSD, using Commodore's ql6502 code. In
fact I still use this same driver with two A2232's on my A3000,
running NetBSD 0.9a. Bizarre but true :-) Even more bizarre is the
fact that 0.9a is pretty much rock solid for my use! But I digress...

A couple of people have hacked on my code to try to bring it up to
date with current kernels. I think it was Michael Hitch who converted
it to 1.0 style config, and Jukka Marin has apparently rewritten the
ql6502 code and improved the hardware flow control. I'm not sure if
he's released this to the public, though.

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