Subject: 68040 problem
To: None <amiga-dev@NetBSD.ORG>
From: michel beausejour <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/01/1995 16:33:22
  I wonder if there is a utility that will check the fonctionnality of my 68040
(MMU/FPU). Here is my problem : i bought an a3640 for my desktop A3000 and it 
crash everytime at boot time when the SetPatch is executed and if the library
68040.library is present in the libs: directory. If i removed the 68040.library
it boots fine (i tried with three version of the 68040.library same results).

NetBSD won't run it detects the 68040(CPU/MMU/FPU) but crashes right away.

My config is a Desktop A3000, 8 megs SCZIPS fast, 2megs chip, ks 3.1 in rom,
buster rev 7,dmac rev 2.

N.B when i boot wihtout the 68040.library ,Sysinfo reports that the FPU /MMU 
are disabled.
 the Command " CPU fastrom" is doing nothing it won't enable the MMU
 Set040 -f crash my system. So can i sy that the MMU is bad or can i use
 something else to prove wihtout a doubt that the MMU is good.

Michel Beausejour