Subject: Picasso grfcl drivers
To: None <amiga-dev@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tony Rodriguez <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/13/1995 10:34:57

I have only been using NetBSD for a couple of weeks,
and have lots of questions (hopefully none are too
silly, as I am fairly knowledgable about all things
Unix/Amiga/C/Hw etc.)


I initially installed 1.0 with no problems, and had
Xcl running fine on my Picasso board.

Aow that I have upgraded (first to the june snapshot,
and then to the current sources) I find that Xcl
(both Xcl and Xcl-950408) refuse to work. They do occasionally
draw the familiar grey X stipple on the background
(usually the wrong screenmode) and then play lovely
odd music through my speakers, and crash (or maybe just lockup)
the machine.

Xamiga24, however, still does work (slowly!)

Any ideas?

Also, I read with interest recent mails about the sbic_inhibit_sync
thing. I do get occasional lockups with mine, but only on a reload
(cat /netbsd >/dev/reload), not on a cold boot (or reboot via Amigados).
Any ideas why? I like the sync mode, much faster than before (especially
with my controller, which is slow anyways).

I find the monitor definitions (grfmodes) file very confusing. The cirrus
console that opens up is way over the left of my display (no I can't
adjust my monitor `cos it looks nice in Amigados with AGA/Picasso).
I have added a new console mode (720x480) (eventually, what a hack! ) which is 
nicely centered and fills the screen. I would like this to be the default,
and have tried changing grf_cl.c, substituting the 640x480 definitions for
my new ones. Did it work? No! It would appear that the video attributes
(including width) are hard-coded within the rest of grf_cl.c, and not
worked out dynamically from the values defined (as grfconfig.c does).
Any hints as to what to change? Is there an easy way to convert a
Picasso prefs file into the grfmodes file (ala egs conversion program 

Is there an easy to change the keyboard to gb? I have hacked kbdmap.c,
which works fine (except I cannot get the  (UK pound sign) ) to appear at
all? I have read somewhere this is dynamically loadable, but cannot figure it out!

It would appear that the Multiface support does not apply to Mutltiface III cards.
Any ideas on availability for that?

I was thinking of buying a Cybervision64 gfx card, is that likely to be supported
in the future?

A friend of mine has posted details of how to up the 25Mhz 040 in the
A4000/040 to 33 Mhz or 35 Mhz. The problem is that due to the speed,
MAXTRANSFER on some IDE disks needs to be dropped to 0xFFFF.
Is this an issue for NetBSD (will I need to alter the IDE driver)
if I do this?

How much ram is recommended for X and NetBsd in general. My experience
of SVR4 PC systems is that 8Mb for Unix is fine, but 16Mb is needed
for X. My setup seems to swap quite a bit under X, which would imply
16Mb required. Can I reduce ram requirements at all (I have cut out
unecessary kernel bits and bobs, like NFS which I don't use).
Does the Non-Contiguos support include Chip Memory (doesn't seem to).

For reference, my setup is:-

	Amiga A4000/40 12Mb Fast 2Mb chip.
	340Mb Western Digital Caviar IDE Hard Drive
	545Mb Conner SCSI-2 Hard Drive
	Toshiba XM4101B 2xSpeed CDRom Drive
	GVP A4008 Hard Disk controller
	BSC Multiface III card
	Picasso II Gfx card
	AGA Flicker Fixer card

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Tony Rodriguez
Technical Consultant
Texas Instruments