Subject: Luns
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From: David Jones <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/10/1995 09:16:13
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> QUANTUM P105S 910-10-94x A.3 -> SDEV_NOLUNS

I find this interesting - the Quantum drive apparently does not grok

I had this exact drive on my Amiga for a long time.  I never got
it at multiple LUNs.  I then moved it to my Sun3/260, and it showed
up at multiple LUNs.  A Quantum Lightning 730 also shows up at multiple

At the time I suspected that there was a glitch in the Sun3 SCSI driver.
I still do, because when the drive shows up at multiple LUNs, for some of
them I get an "illegal request".  Or the geometry shows zero surfaces.
Or it doesn't show up at all LUNs.  It seems to depend on which device I
boot from, although I have not nailed this dependency down.

Right now I am reworking the Sun3 SCSI driver, and I will be paying
attention to this problem.  The Sparc esp driver apparently does the same


- Is it normal for a drive that doesn't understand LUNs to either
  not respond to all probes, or to generate illegal request errors
  for LUNs other than 0?
- How 'come this drive behaved itself on the Amiga, both under NetBSD
  and AmigaOS, both of which, as far as I know, support LUNs?

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