Subject: Multiple boards at same interrupt?
To: None <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 04/22/1995 21:00:33
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	   It appears that multiple boards at the same level 2 or level 6
	   interrupt can be handled at the same time, i.e. 1+N Lance
	   ethernet cards? The older le driver stomped on multiple cards.

Hm, the le is a bit less modern than the ed (or bah :-) driver last
time I looked. ed should work, bah definitely does work (I have 2
A2060 in my A3000 for tests during development).


	   Also, it would appear that the ethernet card is in the
	   isr chain before the internal SCSI controller on a 3000. Would
	   this have any impact in SCSI vs le wars? It looks like other
	   SCSI controllers are at 2 as well so does that mean the ethernet
	   cards will always be processed before the SCSI controllers? Is
	   this a performance concern? Is there a way to manually

Dont think so. After all, scsi and ether ints should happen only once
a block / packet. High speed serials might be a real problem.

	   the config order of devices so the SCSI controller would be
	   configured before the other devices? It appears that a SCSI
	   controller will always be the last thing to config from the
	   kernel boot output I've seen.

	Ignatios Souvatzis