Subject: Re: 060 Support (request for comments)
To: David Jones <>
From: Ralph Schmidt <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/16/1995 21:31:36
> > 4) What is the state of gas/gcc/g++? Does it support the 060 at all or do I
> >    have to add 060 support there too?
> The user-level code should be compatible with older chips.  '040 code should
> run.  GCC may want to implement instruction scheduling (useful on '060)
> and not use the new addressing modes that were introduced starting with the
> '020 (now trapped and emulated in software, so doing it using pre-020 is
> faster), but it should work fine unoptimized.

The 68060 supports all 68020 extended EAs.

Ralph Schmidt                                  
University of Paderborn (Germany)