Subject: Re: LUNs
To: David Jones <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/09/1995 13:38:26
On Mar  9,  2:34pm, David Jones wrote:
> I've checked the source, and the sbic driver appears to treat LUNs properly -
> a device with multiple LUNs will have all LUNs found.

  Indeed it does - I added LUN support to all the Amiga SCSI adapter drivers
when I found that a probe for all LUNs would find my tape drive multiple
times.  The drivers also set the LUN in the command because my CDROM drive
does not handle the identify message and needs the LUN in the SCSI command.

> The reason I ask is that the Sun3 port also uses /sys/scsi, and the Sun
> si driver is finding my Quantum 105 at multiple LUNs.  The Quantum was
> previously in my Amiga, and the sbic driver found only one LUN, as it
> should be.

  It looks like the sun3 si driver should support LUNs (as of at least January
24).  The one possible exception would be if your Quantum does not honor the
LUN in the identify message.  The sun3 si driver appears to only set the LUN
in the command if the command is a test unit ready.  The Amiga drivers
currently always set the LUN in the scsi command.