Subject: Re: upgrade from Beta-1.0, to -current
To: None <dvb@ycc.Kodak.COM>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/13/1995 18:05:53
>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Blaszyk <dvb@ycc.Kodak.COM> writes:

Dave> I am currently in the process of updating my system from
Dave> 1.0Beta, to the -current NetBSD.  I am able to compile a kernel,
Dave> up to the final link phase when it fails.

Dave> It seems that the problem is when creating the ``libkern.a''
Dave> archive.  The final link message, complains about all
Dave> ``_memcpy...'' not defined.  I have poured through the source,
Dave> and found ``bcopy/memcpy'' in kern/libsa, but I see no reference
Dave> to this being included in the final link.  Now I assume that
Dave> memcpy is included somehow, but I am unclear as to what I might
Dave> be doing wrong.

Dave> Can anyone lend a hand?  I apologize if this has been asked
Dave> before, but I have just started up development again, after
Dave> about a 6month hiatus.

It could be that you use a newer gcc than the distributed?  Either use
Markus Wild's gcc config file (it passed here recently, check some
archive) when building GCC, or use the system supplied variant.