Subject: Re: grf_cl.c tested on A2000+Spectrum1MB
To: Sascha Groening <>
From: Ezra Story <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/06/1995 12:16:25
> Ezra wrote:
>   Actually, this means that the configdev entry for spectrum is wrong for
>   BOTH 1b and 2mb spectrums.  Its actually returns a size of 16mb (the full
>   io size?).  I'll add a test for a 2mb vs 1mb board to the driver.
> Does Spectrum 1MB Mem start at 0x400000 or somewhere else ?
> How do you find memory on this buggy Graphicsboard.
> btw. my Spectrum does not work (crashes) with less than 5 bitplanes 
> for a screen!

The location is ok, but (as I've since found out) loadbsd doesn't process
the subsize of boards in the system.  Which means some boards (like the
spectrum) will return the wrong size.  

> -------------------
> I found something suspicious in grf_cl.c: set5426(): 
> .....
> will turn display off on a Spectrum or Piccolo
> but Picasso has its register at 0x9000.

Thats been fixed.  set5426 doesn't exist anymore in the current (or at
least my) grf_cl.c and the other passthrough toggling areas recognize this.

> Is there anyone out there with X running on a Spectrum ?

A few :-).  Within a few days, I'll upload my NetBSD-current grf_cl to
regensburg.  That should fix almost all your problems. (well, hopefully)