Subject: Re: Retina console problems
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 01/27/1995 10:19:07
>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Johansson <> writes:

Andreas> According to Todd Masco:
>> In article <>, John
>> Vrolijk <> wrote: >This only happens
>> on the console, not in X11 > >Anyone else has this problem ?
>> I've seen similar problems on my console: I've got an A3000/30,
>> 16/2MB, running release 1.0 and a Retina Z3, replaced Buster.  It
>> comes up most often when I've been running emacs on console; once
>> the corruption starts it continues until I reboot (a cp /netbsd
>> /dev/reload is enough).
>> The corruption is usually lots of garbage characters in the first
>> ten or so columns, random ones flashing and highlighted.

Andreas> I have seen this too, atleast with 1.0 beta. Don't really
Andreas> know if it went away when I compiled -current. Anyway, it
Andreas> doesn't happen very frequent.

Andreas> I have an A4000/40, 16Mb RAM and a Retina Z3.

Andreas> It tends to happen more often if you write a lot to the
Andreas> console (cat a big file) I think.  --

John talked about the first ten *columns*,  I've seen it on the ten or
so first *rows*, with a Zeus (040) A2000 and a Z2-Retina.  Like
Andreas I've only seen it when getting much console output, like now
when I debugged my interrupt patches (printf's in the spl's and
interrupts generate a *lot* of output!).  However I don't think it's a
big problem, as it scrolls off the screen quite fast, and only occurs
in text mode.


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